Product description

The Dorna 2 is an industrial-grade tabletop robotic arm engineered for demanding industrial applications. Its intuitive control interface ensures ease of use. The advanced motion-generating engine can produce smooth, fast, and complex motion trajectories for the robot and up to three additional axes. The robot’s compact design and low maintenance requirements make it an excellent choice for simple pick-and-place tasks or lab automation applications.

Main Features
  • Upto 1.5 Kg Payload

  • 500 Mm Reach.

  • 1000 Mm/Sec

  • 3 Auxiliary Closed Loop Axes.

  • Web-Based Multi-Platform Software.

Ideal For
  • High-Speed Pick And Place
  • Lab Automation
  • Assembly

Dorna Software

Web-Based And Multi-Platform

Dorna Lab does not require any installation or special teach pendant and allows robot programming, simulation, and monitoring on any device with a web browser, such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Web-Based And Multi-Platform

Fast Deployment

Easily program the robot by freely moving the robot, touching the target points, and asking the robot to repeat the same task precisely, due to the robot's light body and back drivable joints.

Fast Deployment

Blockly programming

Dorna Lab offers an easy and intuitive graphical interface using Blockly. Drag and drop different code blocks and more complex logic to create a complete program for your Dorna robot with no specialized training or programming skills required.

Blockly programming

Rich Python Platform

Dorna Lab is equipped with Python for more advanced applications. Directly develop, host, and run your Python program inside the robot controller, and access it via Dorna Lab in any web browser.

Rich Python Platform


Powered by the Dorna 2 Controller for Reliable and Scalable Automation.

Main features

Dorna 2 enjoys a fully closed loop control system that guarantees position accuracy, repeatability and consistency of the robot at any speed. It also provides collision detection and easy recovery from collisions. Dorna 2 high performance motion planning engine is capable of traversing lines, circles and complex paths. The controller supports up to 3 additional closed loop axes that are fully synced with the other joints of the robot which can be used for rail, conveyor belt, turntable, or any other actuator. The controller is equipped with several I/Os for interacting with sensors, actuators, and other devices.

WHy Choose Dorna

Care Service

Get started in no time and reduce the down time for your robot.

Add extra level of support

Opting for the Care warranty offers you an additional level of support to seamlessly launch and sustain your automation project. This warranty ensures a smooth onboarding process, encompassing programming services and prompt resolution of any issues that may arise with the robot.

WHy Choose Dorna
Normal Price

Normal Warranty


  • 1-year limited warranty

  • Free repair, replacement and refund of defective parts

Normal Price

Care Warranty

Premium maintenance plan aimed to reduce instrument downtime.


  • All the benefits of Normal Warranty

  • 5 hours programming service

  • New User Onboarding and Check-ins

  • Dedicated Support Engineer

  • Replacement Ship Out Priority

Product 360°

product specifications

Inputs and outputs


Inputs and outputs

Package content

  • 1. controller
  • 2. robot arm
  • 3. power cord
  • 4. ethernet cable
Dorna 2 Robot


To get started with Dorna 2, begin from here and learn how to get the robot up and running.

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