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The Dance of Robots

Sadegh Tabatabaei

Sadegh Tabatabaei

April 28, 2023 12 MINS

Light Dance with Dorna

When it comes to creative production, film and photography productions are usually the first applications that come to mind where a robot can play an instrumental role. However, some companies have used robots in very different ways that shows the space for creativity with robots is limitless.

In a recent example of art production with robots, the Collectif Scale team presented CODA, a stage performance starring Dorna robots that shows us the kinder side of the robotic evolution. 

Dorna robots in CODA - a stage performance by Collectif Scale, where the robots are using lights to create visual aesthetics - which the audience are watching.

The light installation was presented at the Fête des Lumières in Lyon. CODA takes its name from the world of dance and classical music. In both cases, CODA is the final part, the few concluding bars of a ballet or a musical piece.

The show consists of 20 robotic arms coupled to 1.5m long light bars, they describe a living and dynamic luminous architectural structure.

The robots were from the first generation of Dorna robot arms, also known as Dorna 1 robots. This generation had a simpler design compared to more recent models. The motors on the robots were running on open loops with no encoder and the positioning of the robot was synched at the power-up using magnetic homing sensors.

Dorna robots in CODA - a stage performance by Collectif Scale - showcasing their high-degree design and motion profiles by creating aesthetic visuals using lights.

This installation is a futuristic transposition of a ballet in which Man is replaced by light. The group of robots performs choreographies of light in unison or individually using a unique and avant-garde choreographic vocabulary.

Dorna robots in CODA - a stage performance by Collectif Scale - showcasing their high-degree design and motion profiles - creating aesthetic circular movements using lights.


Formed in 2010, Collectifscale is a Paris-based group of artists and technicians from diverse backgrounds. Through their work, the team brings together their individual knowledge and passions to imagine and develop cutting-edge visual installations and set designs.

Dorna robots in CODA - a stage performance by Collectif Scale - showcasing their high-degree design and motion profiles - creating aesthetic visuals with lights.

CODA was co-developed with TETRO+A production. TETRO+A is a cultural production unit based in Paris and Lyon that develops original artistic projects for worldwide distribution. They are specialized in digital installations, night shows, dance, films, exhibitions, and conferences.

CODA is a brand new artwork from Collectif SCALE combining kinetic art, sound, and light. In the field of music and ballet, a coda is a passage that brings a piece (or a movement) to an end. 

This futuristic ballet associated sound & light design and kinetic art to set the light in motion inside Grand Hôtel-Dieu’s Midi courtyard. This TETRO x SCALE co-production has to enlighten 40000 visitors in Lyon.


Dorna robot’s mechanical design, along with its high-degree motion profiles, allows the robot to create smooth and vibration-free motion that can be synced on all eight axes of the controller (robot axes along with three auxiliary axes). Artists and creators use robot motion to produce creative artwork that requires synchronization between the robot and other instruments. These features along with a simple and intuitive programming environment invite people from diverse backgrounds such as videographers, commercial producers, fine art artists, musicians, and game developers, to use the robot and take the artwork to the next level.

If you have a project which can benefit from an extra arm, please do not hesitate to contact our support team for more information on our offerings and take advantage of a free consultation session.  

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